Bixs Photo Book

Original 3D photo viewer as a digital book


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Bixs Photo Book is an application that offers you an original way to view your photos, it creates a 3D photo book where your photos are placed and shown as if you had it on your hands sitting in your living room.

The pictures are placed in the album as you used to do some years ago when you arrived from holidays, but now they are placed automatically and you won't have to handle those big and heavy books full of photos, Bixs Photo Book is the new way you'll view your photos.

When you want to pass the page of the book, just click on the corner of the page and it will pass the page, of course, if you want to observe your photos, just zoom in and look that special detail of your favorite photos. Bixs Photo Book also offer you a wide range of effects you can apply to your photos, so they'll look even better.

Finally, choose the time you'll see each page, choose a soundtrack, change the position of your photos, choose a photo to set as the cover of the book and create a video formatted as .avi to share your photo album via e-mail or in your personal website.
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